The Diaries of Adam and Eve

Relationships: whose idea was that?

One of you wants to get things done, the other wants to chill out in the garden.
One of you wants a minute's peace, the other wants to talk (and talk and talk).
One of you likes things the way they are, the other wants a project.
One of you knows that eating that apple is the wrong thing to do, but the other is going to eat it anyway.

Relationships shouldn't work, but somehow they do - so who did the groundwork?

In this witty and modern adaptation of Mark Twain's affectionate satire, Adam and Eve - the world's first couple - confront their many differences to find successful ways of living and loving together. Whether they're creating language, inventing fire, taming nature, or discovering love and death, what they learn about each other on the way will be familiar and funny to anyone who has ever experienced a close relationship.


The company's first two-hander is written by Elton Townend Jones who performs alongside Rebecca Vaughan (Female Gothic, Austen's Women, I, Elizabeth) and continues the successful collaboration between Dyad and director Guy Masterson (Olivier Award-winning Morecambe, Scaramouche Jones). Costumes are provided by Kate Flanaghan (Female Gothic, I, Elizabeth, Austen's Women, Bollywood Steps), and atmospheric sound design comes from Perrier Award-winning composer/actor Waen Shepherd (The Inbetweeners, The Wall).

The Diaries of Adam and Eve

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